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Not all duplicates were found!

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If not all duplicates were found, then they're probably not duplicates, but just similar objects. But they can be removed, too.


Scan again:

The easiest way to repeat the search. If the program can't find 100% identical objects, it will (within limits) suggest to remove similar items. However, it will do this only as long a safe, automatic recognition is possible.


If that's not enough:

Please choose 2 similar items
Select both items in Outlook (CTRL key + mouse click)
Use "More > Compare 2 objects..."


Now you can see, what properties are identical / different. If you think, that the program should recognize this, please use the button to send us a copy.


Adapting the scan to your duplicates:

Please use "More > Advanced Scan" to choose properties should be compared.


Special case 'Newsletters':

If you're receiving a newsletter twice, usually two things are different: The recipient and the URLs that you can click on. To track your behaviour they often contain personalized ids. It is not possible to recognize duplicates with such a different e-mail body.


Please note:

The program cannot remove duplicates with really BIG differences. Like the same subject in different languages.


Delete Outlook duplicates