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Easy2Sync as Service

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What is a Service?

A service is a program that runs in the background, normally cant open any windows and is started even when no user is logged in. Services are used for automated tasks, for example on servers.


Services exist only under Windows NT, 2000 and XP. If you use Windows 95, 98 or ME you cant use Easy2Sync as Service, because these operating systems do not support it.


Should I use a service?

If youre not sure: No. Services are difficult to handle because they normally cannot display windows. Therefore requests or error messages cannot be displayed (only in the log file).


Only use Easy2Sync as service, if it is important for you that the synchronization is done completely automatically, even after a reboot and without somebody logging in.


Does a service synchronize differently?

A bit. Easy2Sync allows you to configure when a request should be issued and which things should be done without request. Since a service cannot issue a request, such files will simply be skipped.


I want to use Easy2Sync as service. What should I do?

Configure the timers in your tasks like you want to. You should also configure in the options for changed files (last page each tasks properties). Check the options for the requests and the service options on the page 'automation' in the options.


In the service menu: First, activate the checklist. If everything is all right, install and start the service.


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