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Configuration files

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Easy2Sync for Outlook stores the tasks and options in configuration files. You can reach these files via the menu item "Tools > Open data directory".


By default the files are stored in this folder for Windows XP:

C:\Documents and settings\<YOURUSERNAME>\Application data\Itsth


For Vista the folder is here:


(Caution, the folder c:\Users is invisible. You can reach it by typing the text c:\users into the explorer path line.)


You may also choose a different path for your configuration files. Use the menu items "Tools > Configure data directory".



To make a backup of your configuration, simply store a copy of your odb and sdb files in a different folder.



To restore a backup of your configuration files, simply restore the odb and sdb files from your backup. Please make sure that Easy2Sync is closed while the files are replaced.


Automatic Backup:

Easy2Sync automatically creates a backup of your configuration files. If a problem occurs with the configuration file, you may use this backup. It is named easy2sync4outlook.backup.sdb and is stored in the same directory as your configuration files.


Synchronize files