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Problems with the assistant

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What kind of problem occurs?


There's a warning when I start the assistant.

Always, when a program is being started from a network path, a warning is shown by Windows. Please confirm that you want to run it.


Windows can't find the assistant / display a logon- or network error

This can have several reasons:

1.The other PC and this one are not connected in a network.
A synchronization with network is not possible.
Recommended Action: You can only synchronize with an USB storage device and move this device to the other PC after the sync.
2.You firewall(s) prevents access to shared folders or puts PC in a "stealth" mode.
Recommended Action 1: Deactivate your firewall(s) temporarily and / or allow access to shares.
Recommended Action 2: Please check if the "File- and printer sharing" is enabled on your PC. You can find this option in the network settings on in the properties of your network card (both in the Windows Control panel).
Recommended Action 3: You can also work without the assistant. Go to the other PC, click with the right mouse button on the desired folder and choose "Sharing". Please make sure, that write access is activated, too. Now you can simply go back one step in the assistant on this PC, choose "Yes" and select the folder from the network neighborhood.
Windows shows a dialog asking for username and password.

A user account is required to access the other computer. The following solutions are possible:
Recommended Action 1: Enter username and password of the other PC. (Notes about the format)

Recommended Action 2: One the task is set up, edit it, go to the data storages and enter username and passwort under "passwords".
Recommended Action 3: (Only Vista) On the other computer go to "Start > Control panel > Network and Sharing center" and turn off the  "Password protection".


I don't have a "Windows" key on my keyboard.

You have 2 options in this case:

Simply use an explorer window and type the text into the address bar (where normally c:\... is visible).
Use the "Command line" (Start > Programs > Accessories).



Synchronize files