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A12: Synchronize a local data source with Google

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Intention: Synchronize a local data source (PST file or Exchange account) with the online data from Google. This is currently only possible for Google contacts *or* Google calendar. If you want both, please create 2 separate tasks.


Install Easy2Sync for Outlook on the PC.
Create a new task.
For the first data storage (left) choose a PST file / Exchange account.
If you're using the google account for the first time in Easy2Sync: Please choose "Add Google account" in the right combo-box and follow the instructions to confirm the access.
For the second data storage (right) choose the desired data source from the combo-box.
If it didn't happen automatically, please choose the desired folder in the first data storage (left). Only 1 folder may be selected.

Special aspects: Only 1 folder can be synchronized. Subfolders will be ignored.

Variations: -


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