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Duplicate problems

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If duplicates are not detected…

…then you should check if you are scanning the correct PST-file. Right-click the task in the main dialog and use the Preview menu item to check the file manually.


If the duplicates still do not get detected…

…then they probably are not duplicates. Easy2Sync for Outlook checks very thoroughly before deleting anything. If one object is, for example, missing the fax number (which is present for its twin), then this cannot be a duplicate. After all, how can the software know which version is the right one?


The same applies to the times. Outlook objects contain between three and eight time stamps (created, send, received, etc.). If they get modified, for example, by an import from third-party software, then these objects are technically different. They can only be deleted manually.


Instead... can use 1-Click Duplicate Delete for Outlook. This program was made especially for duplicates and similar objects and can also recognize changed duplicates and it can even merge contacts.


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