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What is synchronizing?

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What is synchronizing?

Easy2Sync for Outlook can check for you which Outlook data was changed since the previous sync and replicate these changes somewhere else.


Why synchronize?

Easy2Sync for Outlook is useful if you use several computers. For example, if you edit a e-mails on your desktop computer as well on your notebook, it can be difficult to keep track of which version is the most recent one.


Easy2Sync for Outlook keeps track of all changes and replicates them on the respective other side.


How does this work?

In order to use Easy2Sync for Outlook, you need to define a task. This could be, for example, “Keep the e-mails on my PC in sync with the mails on my notebook.” Easy2Sync for Outlook will now memorize the current state of the e-mails and recognize when something is changed.


Sounds easy Is it?

For the user, yes it is. The software, however, is very complex and needs to work hard behind the scenes, in order to make sure everything runs smoothly.
All the user needs to know is that Easy2Sync for Outlook synchronizes e-mails. Always. This may have undesired consequences however, since the software cannot understand the reason for the users actions. For example, if you delete a folder on your notebook to free up disk space (based on the thinking that the folder is also present on the desktop computer), then Easy2Sync for Outlook will not know the reason. It will simply sync the change and thus delete the folder on the desktop as well. (Of course, this is only the case if iEasy2Sync for Outlook has been instructed to synchronize these folders.)

Summary: When an action is performed on one computer (whether creating, editing or deleting objects), the same action will be performed on the other computer during the next synchronization.


Is synchronizing dangerous?

Easy2Sync for Outlook is a tool, and just like all tools, if applied correctly it is safe and very useful. Only if applied incorrectly, data may be lost in the process. Basically, as long as all instructions are followed, Easy2Sync is perfectly safe.


How can I play safe?

Make regular copies of your files; before every synchronization is best. Microsoft offers a free backup utility for Outlook 2002 and later versions:


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