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Area: The synchronization works without errors, but...

Problem: E-mails are synchronized, but they do not appear on the other computer.


Reason 1:

You may have two places configured to synchronize but these are not the places you are using in Outlook. Example: You are synchronizing the files A.pst and B.pst, but in your Outlook installations you are using the files A.pst and C.pst.


You can check this: Create a new contact in each Outlook installation, the first with the name “Test 1” and the second with the name “Test 2.” In the Easy2Sync for Outlook main screen (with the sunflowers), right-click on the task. Use the “Preview” for both data storages and check if the new contact appears each time.


You can resolve this: Simply configure the data storages again. Use the “Beginner-Mode” or the contact-trick as described above to avoid selecting the wrong file.


Reason 2: (Only for Exchange accounts)

One or both accounts may be in "offline" or "cache" mode. You can disable the first in Outlook under "Send/Receive" and the latter under "Control Panel > Mail > Profiles".


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