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Synchronize two computers.


Task type "Copy." Easy2Sync always copies in one direction.


Task type "Overwrite." Easy2Sync always copies in one direction but never deletes files.


A few remarks:

The tabs use the same symbols as shown in the table. If you activate such a tab, only tasks of this type will be displayed.
For details about the task types, please refer to the dialog "Change Task Type" (first page of the Task Properties).
You can change the computer icons by clicking on "Change Data Storage" on the second page of the Task Properties, and then on “Icons.”
If a small clock appears in the list in front of the last synchronization time, this shows that a timer starts this task. An up-arrow means that it is started with Windows startup. A down-arrow symbolizes a start upon Windows shutdown.
Tasks with grey text (instead of the normal black one) are disabled. You can configure this on the third page of the Task Properties.


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