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Exchange-Servers in general

Easy2Sync for Outlook can synchronize more than just PST files - it can also synchronize Accounts on Exchange-Servers. The simplest way to reach an account, is a configuration in Outlook. All the data that you see in your Outlook (like public folders), can be reached by Easy2Sync, too. Either as "local default profile" or as one of the other "profile". With the "Preview" function you can check if youve chosen the right profiles


User-defined Accounts

In addition to the already mentioned possibilities, Easy2Sync can also access other accounts without some limits. Choose the menu item "user-defined Accounts" from the profile list. A dialog appears where you can enter several things. Special properties like proxy server cannot be configured.


Exchange passwords

Passwords a difficult thing with Exchange. Easy2Sync can administrate Exchange passwords, except for user-defined accounts and except for the service mode. Depending on your configuration the password request may not appear at all, but may already be answered by the rights of the local user.




Synchronize Outlook