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Name + Code

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The name and code identify and authorize a PC in the network to connect it with another PC. It's only valid while it is displayed on the screen.


How to get the name and code:

After the first start of Easy2Sync for Outlook on a non-main computer, name and code will be displayed automatically. If this is not the case or if you want to repeat the configuration, you can get name and code as follows:

Easy2Sync for Outlook > Tools > Trust management > Add > Grant another PC access


Once is enough:

Use "Tools > Trust management" to check, which PCs already "trust" each other. For this there has to be an entry on each PC (passive / active). On the active page, you can use the "Test" button to verify the connection. If that's okay, you don't need more trust relationships and no name / code. You can simply select the right PC from the list when creating a new task.



The name and code work only in the local network. A sync over the internet is currently not supported by Easy2Sync for Outlook.



If you want to change which PC is the main PC, please go to:

Tools > Server-Status


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