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Where... do you want to search?

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In this dialog you can choose where you want to search for duplicates:

In the current folder
In the current data storage (PST file / Exchange account)
In any other folder


Optionally you can also configure the program to include subfolders in the search. If this option is activated, you can further have the program recognize duplicate groups that are not in the same folder.


Normally 1-Click Duplicate Delete for Outlook suggests to keep the version that was changed most recently and remove the older versions. If you search for duplicates across folders this may not be useful any more. Instead you may want the program to keep the versions that are stored in certain folders. To achieve this, you can enter a list of these "preferred" folders.



You searching for duplicates that are not in the same folder, but want to keep the versions in the folders "Inbox" and "Important". Instead the versions in the other folders should be removed. For achieve this, you have to enter "Inbox, Important" (without the colons) into the edit box.


Delete Outlook duplicates