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How... do you want to compare?

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In most cases you should use the setting "Automatically". Only if you have similar objects that cannot be found this way, you should change these settings.


You can turn off the scan of attachments and of the e-mail times. This can be useful if you have many, large attachments or if the e-mail times in you data storage are incorrect.


Furthermore you can enter your own choice of properties to define your duplicates.


Tip: Selecting multiple items

You can select multiple items in several ways:

Hold the shift key pressed while clicking a property to mark an area.
Hold the Strg key pressed while clicking a property to mark an individual item
Use the mouse to click outside of the items and drag the mouse the create a rectangle.


If you're not sure which properties to choose, look at the instructions in the "Problem solutions" section.


Delete Outlook duplicates