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Notes for (s)FTP(s)-Synchronizing

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Easy2Sync can synchronize local (or network) directories with directories on FTP servers.


The following protocols are supported:




FTP (New engine, 2014-)


FTP (Old engine; 2003-2013)






FTPS Implicit



Problem solutions:

If you can't connect or the folders are empty, change the "Passive" setting in the options. It must match the server.
If international characters are wrong, adjust the charset in the options.
If the root folder doesn't exist, note that Easy2Sync does not use your home directory (your starting point when you log in manually), but your root folder (the topmost folder you can reach).


Since FTP servers behave differently from file servers, there are some things to note:

You will often need to enter a username / password to get access to the server. In Easy2Sync, you may enter these every time you connect or once in the 'Extended' sub dialog of the task properties.
FTP servers do not support setting the file time. Thus, if a local file is copied to an FTP server it will not (cannot) have the same file time, as the local file. Instead, it will receive the current time of the FTP servers clock as file time.
This can be irritating for a human. The files are in sync even though they have a different file time. Easy2Sync however will have no problem with this and synchronize them only when they have changed.
Using FTP Connections in Easy2Sync is so easy, that it may be overlooked. Do not search for a special FTP-Dialog. Just enter the servers name (always beginning with 'ftp://') where you would normally enter the local path.
Old FTP Engine: If you need to use a proxy server, simply configure it in Windows. You can reach the relevant dialog for example by choosing 'Internet options' from the 'Internet Explorer'. In the dialog, use the 'Connections' tab.
When synchronizing for the first time, it is recommended to have the file compare option enabled. Otherwise there are normally a lot of requests. (The reason is, that the files (even though they have the same content) have a different file date. Therefore Easy2Sync cant (yet) know if they are identical nevertheless. Thus it will suggest copying them. After copying the files Easy2Sync is sure, that they are identical and will be able to handle the (still) different file date.)


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