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A3: Synchronize an Exchange account with another Exchange account (or with a public folder)

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Intention: Two Exchange accounts have to be synchronized.

Requirements: Easy2Sync for Outlook may be installed on the computer running the Exchange server, but an Outlook installation on this PC still is required.


Install Easy2Sync for Outlook on a PC, that has access to the Exchange server. (If Outlook doesnt already have access to both Exchange accounts, please define a profile for each under "Start > Control panel > Mail > Profiles".)
Create a new task in Easy2Sync.
For the first data storage choose the first profile that you already defined (Upper right combo-box).
For the second data storage choose the second profile that you already defined

Also supported: Easy2Sync can also sync public and private accounts. The accounts may also be stored on separate servers.

Variations: For contacts, appointments, mail-only, team calendar, etc. see Variations.

Note: it doesnt matter for the sync with Exchange accounts if the Outlook owning the account is closed or not.


Synchronize Outlook