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Configuring Easy2Sync (obsolete)

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This section is obsolete. It's only required for versions older than 6.00 or when you manually choose the old mode when setting up a task.



Follow these four steps in order to utilize Easy2Sync for Outlook:

1.Install Easy2Sync for Outlook on one of the computers.
2.Create a new task.
The task will define the two data sources that you want to sync. Click on the "New" button to start
3.Optional: Adjust the options to your needs.
Use the menu item "Tools > Options".
4.Run the task.
Click on the Button "Synchronize".


Step by step:

The following pages describe step by step how to install Easy2Sync in special cases:


Group A: Only one PC

       A1: Synchronize 2 local PST files

       A2: Synchronize a PST file with an Exchange account

       A3: Synchronize an Exchange account with another Exchange account (or with a public folder)

       A4: Creating a backup of a PST file

Group B: 2+ PCs (PST) (connected in the local network)

       B1: Synchronizing two PCs

       B2: Synchronizing while Outlook stays open (1/2 - With network drive)

       B3: Synchronizing while Outlook stays open (2/2 - Without network drive)

       B4: Adding more computers


Group C: 2+ PCs (not connected in a local network)

       C1: Sync via USB-Stick

       C2: Installing on an USB stick


       V1: Just e-mail / Just contacts / Just appointments / Just one folder

       V2: Creating a team calendar


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