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Team calendars

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(Note for team contacts: Everything that is said about calendars on this page also applies to contacts.)



The sync of team calendars is a special feature of Easy2Sync. It requires that you already have multiple calendar folders:

Normal calendars (at least two)
An empty calendar. It will receive the sum of the data of the normal calendars

All calendars can be stored either in PST files or Exchange accounts (public or private folders).


This is how it works:

The team calendar receives all data from the source calendars
You have to create one task per "normal" calendar. (Source / Data storage 1 is the normal calendar. Target / Data storage 2 is the team calendar.)
If one source calendar changes, the team calendar will be updated
Data that already exist (from other calendars) in the team calendar, will not be transferred into the source calendar


It depends on your task type (Copy merge or Sync merge) whether data that is changed in the team calendar gets updated in the respective source calendar.



You have three employees A, B and C. Employee A has the calendar items A1, A2, A3, Employee B has B1, B2, B3, etc.
You create one task (task type: Sync-merge) for each employee. The employee's calendar is the source, the target is always the team calendar.
Result: The employees still have only their own calendar items. The team calendar receives ALL calendar items A1, A2, A3, B1, ... C2, C3.
If one employee changes one of his calendar dates, Easy2Sync will update the team calendar.
Only without Exchange: To allow your employees access to the team calendar (which is stored in a central PST files), synchronize the team calendar with a new calendar in each employee's Outlook.


The example as drawing:




You can find a step-by-step manual in the chapter "Configuring Easy2Sync" in the section V2.



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