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V1: Just e-mail / Just contacts / Just appointments / Just one folder

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By default Easy2Sync for Outlook synchronizes the entire PST file/ the entire Exchange account (either the private or public part). You can limit this to a folder.

Limiting the sync to one folder (when creating the task):
Simply choose the desired folder in both data storages.

Limiting the sync to one folder (later):
Double-click the task > Data storages > Choose data storage > Data storage 1 > Extended
Choose the desired folder and repeat for data storage 2.

Limiting the sync to multiple folders (only later):
Double-click the task > Exceptions > Folders
Choose the desired folders.

Limit the sync to one type, e. g. only contact folders or only e-mail (only later):
Double-click the task > Exceptions > Type
Choose the desired types. This is useful if you have multiple contact folders or only want to sync e-mail folders.


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