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User-defined exceptions

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The previously introduces exceptions allow it to manage the typical cases easily.


But with the user-defined exceptions you have greater possibilities (and on the other hand have to configure more). Perform the following steps to create a user-defined exception:


1.In the main dialog click on "exceptions".
2.Choose "<A different, user-defined exception...>".
3.Click on "Add". A new dialog will appear. This dialog has 2 pages, which can be toggled with the "tabs" at the upper border of the dialog.
4.On the page "When do you want to minimize?" (More information on this dialog can be found here.) choose the circumstances under which the program shall be minimized.
5.On the page "What do you want to minimize" choose the desired program. In the list you'll automatically find all currently running programs:
6.(More information about this dialog can be found here.)
7.Click on "Accept selected program".
8.Exit the dialog with a click on "OK".


Minimize programs into the tray