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A new task

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Where do I have to install Easy2Sync?

Most of the time it doesn't matter. Install it on the PC where you want to use it.


How do I synchronize my data?


You need 2 directories that contain your data or shall contain your data in future. These directories can be on two different PCs or on USB storages, network drives or FTP servers. The directories can already be identical, but don't need to be.



1.Install Easy2Sync on a PC that has access (directly or over the network) to both directories.
2.Create a new "Task" and specify both directories.
3.If required: Configure further options.


What happens during the synchronization?

Easy2Sync scan both directories for files and directories and compares them with its data from the previous sync. With that data, it detects for each file / each directory separately if and on which computer anything was changed. The changes and then transferred to the respective other computer.


How do I create a backup?

Use the task type "Copy" instead of "Synchronize". Then Easy2Sync will only copy into the target direction and never back.


Synchronize files