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B2: Synchronizing while Outlook stays open (1/2 - With network drive)

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Intention: Two computers (e. g. desktop and laptop) shall have the same data. Changes on one computer (no matter which one) will be transferred to the other. Outlook can stay open on both computers during the sync.

Requirements: You’re not using an Exchange server (Otherwise see "Only one PC")

Requirements: You avail access to a server in your local network that can be accessed from all computers (e. g. via a driver letter like "Z:\"). NAS devices, SMB drives, Fritz!-Boxes, etc. usually can’t be recommended for this because they don’t support  the „locking“ of files. This can damage the central PST file.

Steps: Once:

Choose a path where you can store a central copy of the data. This should be a network drive on an server which is always available.

Steps: On each computer:

Install Easy2Sync for Outlook.
Create a new task.
For the first data storage choose the local data of this PC.
For the second data storage choose "Other PC / Far away".
Enter the path that you have chosen and a filename (e. g. "Z:\Bridge.pst"). The path must exist. The PST file can exist, but doesn’t have to. You have to use the same path / filename on all computers.

Variations: For contacts, appointments, mail-only, team calendar, etc. see „Variations“.


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