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Let's get started!

Thank you for choosing Easy2Sync for Files. You can sync your files with 3 simple steps:

1. Run2. Install3. Start
In your browser click on 'Run'.Confirm the installation.Create a task and start it. Done.

(Problems? We like to help.)

Do you need a special network connection?

Do you need a special network connection?
No. Any network connection that is supported by windows, works with Easy2Sync for Files, too. So, if you can see the other computer's files in an explorer window on your PC, this is already enough. Even WLAN connections work.

Furthermore, Easy2Sync for Files also supports synchronizations via sFTP/FTP/FTPs connections. So you can synchronize your hard disk (or a part of it) with an FTP server, or even synchronize between 2 FTP servers.
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