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Let's get started!

Thank you for choosing Easy2Sync for Outlook. You can sync your Outlook data with 3 simple steps:

1. Run2. Install3. Search
Klicken Sie im Browser auf 'Ausführen'.Install+start Easy2Sync on all all PCs.Create a new task on your main PC an and run it. Done.

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Synchronize your Outlook

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Do you want your e-mails, contacts, etc. synchronized between your PCs within minutes?

Easy2Sync for Outlook does that!

And best of all:
It simply works. Try/Buy
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Simple, Safe and Swift Sync for Outlook!
Synchronize Outlook: E-Mails, Calendars, Tasks, Contacts
  • Simple
    Wizards help you get started. (Even for special cases.)

  • Safe
    Tried, tested & proven for years.

  • No unsafe third-party servers
    All data is kept on your own computers only.

  • Silently or Asking
    You choose: Silent background sync or dialogs.

  • No risk
    Demo version and money back guarantee.

  • Try now!   Buy Now!

Features: Works as YOU need it to!

Any DataE-mails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks. All or parts.
Any VersionOutlook 97 to 2013 and Windows NT to Windows 8! Any combination thereof.
Any TimeSync manually, time-based, on startup/shutdown, etc.
Any SizeUnlimited folders/number of mails/PST size.
Any FilterExclude by age, category, folder, "private" flag or subject.
ANYTHING!Notebook, desktop, laptop, team calendars, password protection, e-mail notification, backup mode, move mode, exchange support (optional), public folders, folders with different language names, NT services.

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