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Turning off confirmations / Synchronizing automatically

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Easy2Sync for Outlook is highly configurable and you can decide yourself if you want to confirm actions or would rather have Easy2Sync work automatically. Hybrid forms are possible, too.


There are 3 aspects:


You can change in the options (Page Confirmations) in which cases Easy2Sync shall ask for confirmation. If you turn off all confirmations the sync will run automatically.
2.Start automatically / minimized
You can activate in the options (Page Automation) that Easy2Sync shall be started automatically when Windows is started.
Furthermore your can tell Easy2Sync in the options (Page Window) to:
- minimize into the tray
- already start minimized and
- stay minimized, even in case of problems (if that is wanted).


3.Automatic start of the task
You can activate several automatic start conditions in the properties of the task (Page Automatic start) to run the sync automatically.


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