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TheBest Minimize to Tray

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Welcome to TheBest Minimize to Tray - The program, that tidies your open programs.


Always having all programs available is useful - having numerous windows open on the screen isn't. The solution's name is TheBest Minimize to Tray. With this program you can minimize any program into the tray (into the lower right corner of your desktop, next to the clock). You can do it manually or automatically if you didn't use a program for some time.



What is the "Tray"?
What is it that TheBest Minimize to Tray can do?
How do I minimize a window?
How do I get my window back?
Where's the bos key?



The program X shall never be minimized.
The program X shall be minimized automatically.
The program X shall not be closed.


TheBest Minimize to Tray is Copyright © 2018 by IT-Services Thomas Holz.


Minimize programs into the tray